Fractional Distillation for the Laboratory and Industry 10 ml to 2000 liters

B/R International's fractional distillation apparatus features high efficiency distillation columns that are customized to your application and are easy to use.

Fractional distillation is a process that separates materials according to their boiling point. The more efficient the distillation column, the better the separation of the components.

Fractional distillation is used in separations ranging from crude oil distillation to essential oils to solvent recycling.

B/R Instrument

High Efficiency:  B/R fractional distillation apparatus have up to 200 theoretical plates at atmospheric pressure.  These high efficiency distillation columns are well suited for producing the highest purity materials and making difficult separations.
B/R Instrument

Customized for your Application:  B/R fractional distillation systems can be configured according to your needs.  Automation, vacuum systems, fraction collectors and other accessories can be integrated into the distillation system as needed.  Boiling flask sizes range from 10 ml to 2000 liters. The result is a fractional distillation apparatus customized to your specific needs.
B/R Instrument

Easy to use: the automatic controller fully automates the fractional distillation process from beginning to end, minimizing the time needed to operate the equipment. Easy programming of parameters makes you feel like a distillation expert. Heating, collecting of distillate and shut down of the equipment at completion are all done automatically.  Control of the distillation from a PC is also possible. Manually operated distillation equipment is also available for customers on a limited budget. 

Common applications include:

  • Crude Oil Biodiesel and petroleum: Fractionally distill crude oil, biodiesel or petroleum into their components. Obtain temperature fractions and a distillation curve. Learn More

  • General Fractional Distillation: Use the fractional distillation systems for general applications such as chemical separations and research. Learn More

  • Flavor, Fragrance, Essential Oil Fractional Distillation: Purify essential oils to improve the flavor, fragrance and value through fractional distillation. Fractionate finished products to discover their composition and formula. Learn More

  • Solvent Recycling: Recycle used solvents to save money and improve the environment. Solvents like trichlorobenzene, xylene, acetone, alcohol, HFIP and formalin can be fractionally distilled back to very high purity. Learn More

  • D1160 Vacuum Distillation: Distill samples according to ASTM D1160 vacuum distillation. Obtain distillation curves for materials like diesel, biodiesel, lube oils, base stocks and more. Learn More


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